Radioactive nuclear waste buried beside 21% of the world's surface fresh water supply defies common sense

Reasons To Be Concerned

1.  Radioactive Waste Beside Lake Huron?
Any risk of radioactive nuclear waste contaminating the Great Lakes is too great a risk to take and need not be taken …Learn more

2.  Highly Controversial Dump Site Selection
There was no process to look at any other locations for the low and intermediate level Nuclear Waste Dump in Canada …Learn more

3.  Failed Track Record of DGR's
There are only three deep geologic repositories on the entire planet and all have leaked.…Learn more

4.  Buried Radioactive Waste is Forever Toxic
Some intermediate level radioactive nuclear waste remains toxic for 100,000 years …Learn more

5.  This Rock is Right?
No scientist or geologist can provide us with a 100,000 year guarantee. …Learn more

6.  OPG Faith In Computer Modelling
Computer models cannot predict what will happen in 100,000 years; the models cannot be validated or verified …Learn more

7.  International Impacts Ignored
Burying radioactive nuclear waste beside the Great Lakes could impact 40 million people
…Learn more

8.  2nd Dump Planned
The Kincardine Nuclear Waste Dump will pave the way for a high level Nuclear Waste Dump to store highly toxic radioactive spent nuclear fuel
…Learn more

map of dump location
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